Sales Preference and Suitability Assessment
Sales Preference and Suitability Assessment

Sales Preference and Suitability Assessment

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The Sales Suitability and Preference Indicator takes a snapshot of an individuals  natural style and identifies areas where they have a natural fit in a sales role and provides strengths and development areas across the sales cycle and measures potential sales effectiveness.

This indicator is suitable for:

  • Recruiting people who are likely to sell more
  • Identifying top sales performers
  • Reducing staff turnover
  • Identifying strengths and development areas
  • Reviewing sales team and effectiveness

The Report is made up of 3 chapters:

The Sales Skills section provides information on an individual's strengths in a range of skills that have been shown to be important in most sales roles.

The Sales Motivators section provides information on motivational factors which are important in a range of different sales roles. Ensuring that an individual is going to be motivated by the demands of a sales role is imperative in ensuring a candidate is successful in role.

The Sales Cycle section provides a guide on an individual's preferences when conducting a sale and their approach to sales. This section can provide key insight into the type of sales an individual will be suited to, such as new business development or account management relationships.

Identify your personal strengths and potential pitfall areas to enable you to spot areas that will enable you to maximise your leadership.

Sample Report

Click here to download a sample report:


User Guide

This questionnaire takes approx 60 mins to complete.

The information in this report can be used without specific training. However, if being used for recruitment or selection, we would expect the person using the data to have sufficient knowledge in effective selection techniques and the role requirements. If being used for personal development, we would expect the coach to be well skilled in effective coaching.

Need help in setting this up for a colleague or for your business, feel free to call or click on the chat window and one of our Salecologists can walk and talk you through it.  

This report conforms to British Psychological Society and American Psychological Association guidelines.  


If you would like to receive professional feedback on your Psychometrics report from one of our Salecologist please order Psychometric Feedback session as well.