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Emotional and Social Intelligence Assessment

Emotional and Social Intelligence Assessment

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In recent research studies, a high level of emotional intelligence has been found to be associated with ‘success’ in a work context. Indeed, some claim that high emotional intelligence is associated with more wide-reaching ‘life success’.

This Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire provides valuable information for assessment and development purposes and can be used in conjunction with other tools, such as 360 feedback to make links between individual preference and style and perceptions of others.

The EIQ is available for 2 different groups, Manager or General. This assesses your scores against other people in each category. 

The EI Questionnaire is based on 7 Emotional and Social elements that make up the framework that captures the main dimensions of interpersonal effectiveness:

  • Self-awareness: Being aware of your feelings and being able to manage them
  • Emotional Resilience:Being able to maintain your performance, especially when under great pressure or when being challenged or criticised
  • Motivation: Having the drive and energy to achieve challenging goals or targets
  • Interpersonal Sensitivity: Showing sensitivity and empathy towards others, particularly considering their needs and feeling, and the ability to listen, and build on, other people's ideas
  • Influence: The ability to influence and persuade others to accept and support your ideas and proposals
  • Intuitiveness: The ability to make decisions, using reason and logic when faced with incomplete or questionable information
  • Conscientious: Being consistent in your words and actions, and showing integrity


Sample Report

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User Guide

The report measures the individual across each of the 7 areas of  Emotional and Social Intelligence and ranks thier scores again a group of other people to provide a clearer picture of how they score in those areas in comparison to others. 

It is suggested that each test taker gets interpretation and feedback from a professional who is qualified in these types of reports. If you don't have a coach to support you with this, please order a feedback session from one of our Salecologists.

This report conforms to British Psychological Society and American Psychological Association guidelines.