Big 5 Personality Factors

Big 5 Personality Factors

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The Big 5 Factor is a broad-spectrum, work-based personality questionnaire that offers something quite different to other questionnaires. The first set of scales, based on the 'Big Five' model, measures durable personality traits. 

The Report is made up of the Big 5 Personality Factors:

  • Fellowship
  • Authority
  • Conformity
  • Emotion
  • Detail

These scales represent social, organisational, intellectual, emotional and perceptual aspects of personality. Because they are largely independent of each other, they can be interpreted in combination to find particular meanings against patterns of scores.

A second set of scales (Minor) is also presented which is based on the Prudentius model of integrity. These are the aspects of personality that are likely to change according to context and time of life and provide a useful review of certain aspects of the persons current working practices.

The Minor scale covers:

  • Proficiency - Care in detailed tasks vs trial and error
  • Work-orientation - Belief in hard work vs work-life balance.
  • Patience - Calm and patience vs competitive aggression.
  • Fair-mindedness - Rational approach vs an emotional approach.
  • Loyalty - Desire to follow vs a desire to lead.
  • Disclosure Being truly open vs “playing one’s cards close to one’s chest”.
  • Initiative - Enjoyment of rapid change vs the valuing of tradition.

Sample Report

Click the image below to see a sample report.

Salecology Big 5 Personality Factor


User Guide

This questionnaire takes approx 20 mins to complete.

If being used for recruitment or selection, we would expect the person using the data to have sufficient knowledge in effective selection techniques and the role requirements. If being used for personal development, we would expect the coach to be well skilled in effective coaching.

Need help in setting this up for a colleague or for your business, feel free to call or click on the chat window and one of our Salecologists can walk and talk you through it.  

This report conforms to British Psychological Society and American Psychological Association guidelines. 

Additional Options

Salecology also offer this psychometric as a Team review. Call now for more information.


If you would like to receive professional feedback and interpretation on your report from one of our Salecologist please order Psychometric Feedback session as well.