About Salecology

Salecology is the Psychology of selling. It looks at all the touchpoints with customers and helps you to build a better connectivity with them. Salecology will help you understand how your customers think, how they make decisions, and how to influence them to make the right choices. As research continues into Neuroscience, we continue to learn why people are acting and behaving the way they do and that 95% of all decisions are made in the subconscious mind.

In light of this research, never before have we seen sellers and retailers trying to influence this subconscious mind as much as today. A strong product is not going to win the deal, but then again neither is a great personality.

Salecology teaches you how to get into the buyer’s head, understand how they think, act and behave, thus enabling you to modify your behaviour to connect in a way which is personal to them. Salecology will show you how to connect, build better relationships and present ideas and solutions that resonate better with the customers – how – because you know how they like to receive information, process it and make decisions. 

The revolution here is that it connects several aspects of human nature, as opposed to just one. People may have learnt personality on some course – usually team building, others may have read about mirroring techniques, and others been on a sales course learning questioning techniques. What makes Salecology unique is, for the first time, it brings all the sciences together to transform the performance of sales organisations.

To learn more about the science behind Salecology, feel free to download our Salecology science brochure.

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