Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal Reasoning Test

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This test measures the ability to make correct decisions or inferences from verbal data. The data presented and the tasks set are relevant to a business environment. The emphasis in these tasks is on understanding and evaluating written information.

People who perform well on this test tend to have the capacity to interpret verbal information correctly.

This test assesses your critical thinking skills relevant to problem solving and decision making. This includes the ability to:

  • Define a problem
  • Select relevant information to solve a problem
  • Recognise stated and unstated assumptions
  • Formulate and select relevant and promising hypotheses
  • Draw valid conclusions and judge the validity of inferences

    User Guide

    This questionnaire is made up of 13 questions and has a time limit of 19 mins to complete.

    The candidate is plotted against a norm group of Professional & Managerial level population to ascertain where they sit in comparison. 

    Results delivered are 

    • Percentile - Where they scored compared to others (high, above average, average, below average, low)
    • T Score - total score
    • Sten - where they sit across a standard bell curve divided into 10 segments


      The information in this report should be interpreted by a qualified professional.  If you need help in setting this up for a colleague or for your business, feel free to call or click on the chat window and one of our Salecologists can walk and talk you through it. We can also provide the feedback for you. 

      This report conforms to British Psychological Society and American Psychological Association guidelines.