Calculation Test

Calculation Test

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The Calculation test measures a candidate’s ability to add, subtract, divide and manipulate numbers quickly and accurately, which is critical to many workplace tasks such as estimation, auditing, checking and cashing up.

This type of test is relevant for use in assessment where the following tasks are critical aspects of the job:

  • Calculating and checking figures
  • Using calculators and computers for daily calculations,
  • Balancing currency, coin and cheques in cash drawers,
  • Issuing refunds, receipts and change
  • Quoting prices, credit terms and other bid specifications.

User Guide

This questionnaire is made up of 20 questions and has a time limit of 10 mins to complete.

The candidate is plotted against a general population who have taken the test to ascertain where they sit in comparison. 

Results delivered:

  • Percentile - Where they scored compared to other test taker (high, above average, average, below average, low)
  • T Score - total score
  • Sten - where they sit across a standard bell curve divided into 10 segments

The information in this report should be interpreted by a qualified professional.  If you need help in setting this up for a colleague or for your business, feel free to call or click on the chat window and one of our Salecologists can walk and talk you through it. We can always provide the feedback for you.

This report conforms to British Psychological Society and American Psychological Association guidelines.