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Remote Customer Intimacy

Remote Customer Intimacy

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This training programme is wrapped around the typical Sales Cycle and Customer Journey. It provides a structured framework for building customer intimacy remotely, and the workshops are tailored to your business and application.

The programme is delivered over 3 virtual classroom sessions, plus a follow up session to provide additional support and coaching. Each session looks at a different element of the customer journey and provides training on how to evolve the current sales approach to deliver a better customer service and build closer relationships. 

The 3 cores sessions are:

  • Engaging Customers Remotely - Learn what makes people behave differently in a virtual environment and how to engage them on a personal level to create new opportunities. 


  • Building Intimacy Remotely - Explore how to get closer to the customer whilst working in a remote setting. Discover how to modify your approach in discovery calls and sales presentations to trigger a more emotional connection with you, and your proposal. 


  • Growing Relationships Remotely -  Learn the psychological tricks of online negotiation to develop a remote contact strategy that will grow your relationship with all your accounts.



To learn more about the course content and modules, feel free to download the brochure below.


This is a live, interactive, workshop delivered via virtual classroom or in person,  and is made up of:

4 x 90 Minute sessions or

1 Day classroom training

This session can be booked for a class up to 12 delegates.

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