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Feel Good Friday - Team Workshop

Feel Good Friday - Team Workshop

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People felt that this lockdown and distancing would last a few weeks but we are now over 12 months in. This lifestyle has seen people struggle with Zoom burnout and with the self isolation even the most resilient of people are experiencing emotional highs and lows. Yes they are still getting the job done, but it is taking its toll on their emotional and mental health.

One of the important factors of helping people out of the highs and lows is to provide them with 3 key aspects:

  • Provide an environment where they can share their emotions honestly, without fear of consequences, and realise it is not just them

  • Explore how different personalities are affected by social distancing and how they can adopt some new practices into their everyday world to get more of what they need to have more aged days and minimise those flat or low days

  • Have some fun and team building, blow off some steam and spend time together which is not about work

Feel Good Friday is about all 3 things above and engage your team to open up, share and feel good.


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This is a live, interactive, workshop delivered via virtual classroom and is made up of:

3 x 90 Minute sessions - including evening event.

This session can be booked for a team of up to 12 delegates. 

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