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Vocal Executive Presence

I saw this video on YouTube where Laura Sicola talks about creating Vocal Executive Presence. It is a great short clip where she discusses how the use of your voice can help you connect better with your audience.

This clip is really great to understand how using both body and what we at Salecology call ParaLanguage, you can adapt your style to connect better with people. 

This works for across all levels whether it is Leadership, Management and Sales, and across all levels of sales, from Strategic Key Accounts to inside sales and lead gen.  


Laura suggests by understanding your audience you can determine what type of person they would be most open to receiving the message from, and then you can figure out what that person would sound like.  

If you would like to learn more about using Vocal Executive Presence, or more a the use of Emotional and Social Intelligence, give us a call today and we can connect you with one of our Salecologists who can guide you to the right courses and support.