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Filming you Sales people can drive sales by 15%

A recent article in the Daily Mail and subsequently followed up on the BBC was investigating how supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda, as well as other leading brands such as Cadburys, Kelloggs, Nestle, were all using cameras to film customers and use psychologists to help manipulate buying behaviour. 

Understanding how your customer thinks

This has become a very moot subject particularly about covertly filming customers, but the results however seem to speak for themselves:

  • Tesco have increased sales of over 15% on pet products resulting in £106m extra revenue, 
  • Asda found an additional £20m and 
  • Cadbury's showed a 4% increase in chocolate sales by pumping a chocolate smell into the store 

So many brands and stores have engaged with this level of understanding human nature and personality - it can't be ignored that it delivers results. But what about in B2B sales?

Customers don't need to be filmed for Sales Psychologist in a back office to review customer emotions, the sales people need to be trained to gauge emotions and engage the customers emotionally. Your top sales people already do this (unconsciously) , but imagine if everyone could build a strong connection with the customer, be able to read them and present the products and services in a manner which grabs both head and heart - would that deliver a lot more than 15% uplift?

Have you ever seen yourself on a video, or heard a recording of yourself doing a Karaoke? We don't believe we look or sound like that - but we do! Having a sales person watch themselves in a sales scenario is 100x better than a coach or sales manager trying to explain or provide feedback.

Utlising video is the classroom, or on role plays, enables the sales person to be self critical and removes any doubt or questioning whether they did / or didn't say or do something.  Body Language makes up 55% of all communication, only using video will enable people to see this in action. 

At Salecology we can film your sales people in action or use scenario based film clips to share with them how to read customers, understand what they are thinking and feeling, and learn how to 'get on the same wavelength' and adjust their behaviour accordingly. Out Salecologists work with your team to build presence, gravitas, connectivity and trust.

Also check out our article on Vocal Executive Presence, where we can also support you in what and how you say things. 

here is the link to the Daily Mail Article.